Marketing Tool Helps State Farmers, Businesses

Event date: 2010-11-04

Mississippi's specialty businesses are finding a quick and easy virtual connection to consumers through a newly expanded computer mapping tool.

MarketMaker is an Internet tool linking growers and producers with grocery stores, food processors, specialty outlets and food industry groups. The program also makes agricultural businesses accessible to individual consumers. University of Illinois Extension developed the software to help beef producers reach potential buyers in large cities, such as Chicago. The program was a success, and other food commodity groups quickly began using it.

Now in its sixth year, MarketMaker serves 16 states and the District of Columbia.

The program generated so much interest because it is easy to use and can map food commodity buyers and sellers by location, size, specialty and even clientele, said Ken Hood, agricultural economist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. It isnt just for large farms and producers. It can help customers find organic and locally produced products, too.Read More Here

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